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Now that you have finished this chapter, you should be able to write programs that can perform decision-making procedures; that is, the program’s operations depend on results of the program’s calculations or on input from the user. Sections 4.2, 4.3, and 4.4 covered the necessary functions: the relational operators, the logical
operators and functions, and the conditional statements.
You should also be able to use MATLAB loop structures to write programs that repeat calculations a specified number of times or until some condition is satisfied. This feature enables engineers to solve problems of great complexity or requiring numerous calculations. The for loop and while loop structures were covered in Section 4.5. Section 4.6 covered the switch structure.

Guide to MATLAB commands introduced in Chapter 4

Guide to MATLAB commands introduced in Chapter 4

Section 4.7 gave an overview and an example of how to debug programs using the EditorlDebugger. Section 4.8 presented an application of these methods to simulation, which enables engineers to study the operation of complicated systems, processes, and organizations.

Tables summarizing the MATLAB commands introduced in this chapter are located throughout the chapter.Table 4.9-1 will help you locate these tables. It also summarizes those commands not found in the other tables.

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