Python Libraries Assignment Help

Python is employed for large scale general applications but Python is not equipped with diverse built-in functions, therefore, it uses different libraries for different processes and functions. The libraries perform diverse functions to increase the applications of Python. These functions provide the generality to Python. We will be discussing three libraries of Python to compare it with MATLAB.

Firstly, there is a library named SciPy which provides Python with the functionality to perform mathematical computations. Just like MATLAB, the basic computation unit of the library for calculation is array. The library is able to perform calculus operations, signal processing, data analytics, and Fourier analysis.

Python is highly preferred for big data applications like Artificial Intelligence but handling a huge dataset is complex. For data handling, Python employs a library NumPy whose purpose is to process and store the big data in the form of arrays such that the complexity of processes is reduced significantly. The library couples the data handling capabilities with complex mathematical operations.

To represent a huge dataset in a simple and concise manner, Python takes help of visual representation. For this task, Python uses a library Matplotlib which enables the language to transform the data into graphical form such that the results are display in the forms of plots.

Finally, if we compare the libraries with MATLAB, the latter one has higher benefits. MATLAB is not dependent on external libraries to perform diverse operations as the software has its dedicated own tool boxes and graphical environments. Employing different libraries for different tasks causes Python to process the data in different data types while MATLAB has uniform data types. This uniformity greatly reduces the complexity of different processes. Therefore, MATLAB is not going to be replaced in the near future.

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