Minimum Shift Key (M.S.K) Homework Help

According to the above-mentioned modulation categories, frequency modulation is an analog type modulation technique or in simple words, it is a type of analog modulation.

Frequency modulation subpart is the minimum shift key (M.S.K) and sometimes it’s also known as “continuous-phase frequency-shift keying”. Continuous Phase Modulation (C.P.M) special case is the Minimum shift key (M.S.K) method.

When comparing with other methods and technique this method or technique will help us for the increment in the effectiveness as well as in the efficiency of the spectrum and we can also enables the amplifier operation for getting the effective as well as efficient radio frequency (R.F) power.

There are many reasons for selecting the minimum shift key (M.S.K) method or technique and from those reason the main reason which makes this method or technique popular or gives edge is that as we all know that binary works on high and low logic or in simple words in 1 and 0’s form therefore this data or binary data contains sharp transitions between two conditions and sometimes its vice versa which become the huge problem for various radio system or radio communication because that creates a signal having sidebands spreading across the boundary or in extended way from the carrier signal, due to this interference is created or in simple words, if the signal extends from its limit or boundary than it creates interface or noise in other bandwidth or channel by which the systems efficiency as well as effectiveness of the system decreases.

The key feature which was provided by the minimum shift key (M.S.K) is that there is no discontinuity or gap in the phase by which the bandwidth of the signal reduces. This technique is used in worldwide GSM cell phone. The minimum shift key (M.S.K) is not a linear modulation but sometimes it can work as linear modulation.

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