MATLAB and Python for Research: Assignment Help

MATLAB for Research:

Researchers require to mathematically model the real-world problems and then solve the models to derive results and patterns. To achieve this, they need to perform complex computations and access different data types. Fortunately, MATLAB possesses all the features in one package to perform research. MATLAB has separate toolboxes for Machine Learning, Avionics, Circuit Simulation, Neural Networks, and Computer Vision.


MATLAB accepts all the data types, even if the dataset comprises of different and complex data structures, MATLAB can classify them accordingly and can store them in arrays. The software is easily interfaced with other word processing software, which further amplifies its data accessibility. Furthermore, MATLAB is able to write the data in any format.

Nowadays, much of the research is focused on Artificial Intelligence, and MATLAB has specific built-in functions for AI. AI-based research requires performing complex iterations and modifying large datasets which are cumbersome if performed manually. MATLAB provides all the necessary functions for Artificial Intelligence, hence making it the automatic choice for AI-based research. The same functions are implemented for a big dataset with minor or no change. Training the machine requires iterative computations and MATLAB has a feature of parallel loops which significantly reduces the processing time and complexity. Machine learning is based on regression algorithms and MATLAB has specific models for implementing different interpolation techniques. Handling the complex dataset can be daunting but MATLAB arranges the data in arrays which makes it easy to update and modify the data.

After the data is processed and results are derived, it is needed to present the findings in a meaningful and simple manner. MATLAB has a specific toolbox for the visual representation of the data which provides the features to include necessary details in the pictorial representation of the results. This allows the researchers to demonstrate their findings in a concise and aesthetic manner. The libraries and functions are easily available, hence making it feasible for the researches to implement their computations using MATLAB.

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