Mathematica Assignment Help

The foremost reason for MATLAB’s preference over Mathematica is that the former software has been used for more than three decades while Mathematica has recently joined the competition. This has caused a marketing gap between both the software.


Furthermore, the diverse functionality and large scale applications of MATLAB are unparalleled. MATLAB has built-in functions and dedicated environments for numerous applications, and even if an application is left, MATLAB has various external libraries that can easily be employed. Mathematica has now started to provide diverse applications but it will take time to compete with MATLAB.

The unique prospect of Mathematica is its representation of mathematical functions. Implementing mathematical functions in MATLAB requires the knowledge of programming language while in Mathematica, the functions are represented by their symbols, not programming functions. The unique graphic of the software looks aesthetic.

To sum up, the gap between both the software is the applications and functionalities provided. MATLAB is employed for diverse applications without any major change while the other software lack behind in this aspect.

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