3.1 Elementary Mathematical Functions
3.2 User-Defined Functions
3.3 Advanced Function Programming
3.4 .Working with Data Files
3.5 Summary

MATLAB has many built-in functions, including trigonometric, logarithmic, and
hyperbolic functions, as well as functions for processing arrays.  these functions
are summarized in Section 3.1. In addition, you can define your own  unctions
with a function file, and you can use them just as conveniently as  he built-in
functions. We explain this technique in Section 3.2. Section 3.3  overs advanced
topics in function programming, including function handles,  anonymous functions,
sub functions, and nested functions. These topics are especially  useful for
large programming projects. In addition to function files, another  type of file that
is useful in MATLAB is the data file. Importing and exporting such  files is covered
in Section 3.4

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