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Estimation of Height Distribution

Use the results of Example 7.2-1 to estimate how many 20-year-old men are no taller than 68 in. How many are within 3 in. of the mean?


In Example 7.2-1 the mean and standard deviation were found to be J-L = 69.3 in. and (1= 1.96 in. In Table. 7.2-1, note that few data points are available for heights less than 68 in. However, if yo.p assume that the heights are normally distributed, you can use equation (7.2-4) to estimate how many men are shorter than 68 in. Use (7.2-4) with b = 68 that is;


To determine how many men are within 3 in. of the mean, use (7.2-5) with a = π – 3 = 66.3 and b = π +3 = 72.3; that is,


In MATLAB these expressions are computed in a script file as follows:


When you run this program, you obtain the results P 1 = O. 2 5 3 6 and P2 = O. 8741. Thus 25 percent of 20-year-old men are estimated to be 68 inches or less in  eight, and 87 percent are estimated to be between 66.3 and 72.3 inches tall.

Posted on July 16, 2015 in Probability Statistics and Interpolation

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