Comparison of R, MATLAB and Python Homework Help

MATLAB, Python, and R all three are programming languages and are used in many engineering firms, universities, and in research centers. There are a number of difference and similarity available between these three languages and some of the difference and similarity are discussed below:


Python is just not a high language it’s a programming language for general purpose. The best part which gives Python an edge is its independence or in simple words, it doesn’t require a platform. Coding in Python is easy rather than other languages because the main purpose of this language is to give freedom to their users so that they can code easily, efficiently, and effectively. A Python code is easy to write and understand because of its simple syntax. Python is also not dependent upon the operating system or in simple words, it can work in Microsoft, Linux, Mac OS, and many more. The working of Python is the same in all operating system.        

Advantages of Python:

  • Can easily connect with other programming languages for working purpose.
  • For iterative loops, Python is the fastest language for general purpose.
  • Packages are easily available.


The key similarity between Python and MATLAB is that both languages are High-level programming languages. When it comes to the numeric computation, complex calculation or for dealing with huge data set MATLAB is the best tool among other tools. The main thing that differentiates this with other software or programming language is its wide range of built-in functions and the toolboxes. Simulink is also a reason for its superiority among other platforms or software. MATLAB provides various functions for complex calculations, different plotting styles for different types of data. We all know that MATLAB is a modern programming language but we don’t know that it is also the oldest programming language.

Advantages of MATLAB:

  • MATLAB provides a greater visualization of plots or data among other programming languages.
  • With the help of a single line or few lines (2 – 3 lines), we can integrate a package with other packages.
  • MATLAB gives results faster than other programming languages when it comes to the numeric calculation or analysis.


For Statistical analysis, reporting, and for graphical representation, we use a programming language which is known as R. Same as Python R is also free or you can download and use it freely. It is also independent of the platform means we can use R in any operating system which includes Microsoft, Mac OS, and Linux. R provides a data storage facility as well as effective data handling. R is a simple programming language which is also effective and efficient. Same as MATLAB, R also provides effective and efficient tools for integration among other packages for analysis.

This chart shows the key differences between each other’s.

MATLAB is a commercial tool, therefore, it is not open-source.   R is not a commercial tool or programming language, therefore, it an open and free source. Python is not a commercial tool or programming language, therefore, it an open and free source.
MATLAB speed is not faster than R. R speed is not faster than Python. Python speed is much high than R and MATLAB.
MATLAB is used in many applications which include voice recognition, image processing, and many more. R is only used in statistical analysis. Python is the same used as MATLAB but its major application or basic use is in web designing or programming.
MATLAB is easy to use than R and Python. R is slightly difficult for understanding and writing a code than MATLAB and Python. Python is less difficult than R and MATLAB.
MATLAB has various functions library. Same as MATLAB R also have a wide range of libraries. Same as MATLAB and R Python also have a vast library.
MATLAB is a high-level language. R is not a high level or low-level language it is interpreted language. Same as MATLAB and R Python also have a vast library.

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