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The Normal Distribution

The Normal Distribution Rolling a die is an example of a process whose possible outcomes are a limited set of numbers; namely, the integers from 1 to 6. For such processes the probability is a function of a discrete-valued variable, that is, a variable having a limited number of values. For example, the following table gives the measured…

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Statistics, Histograms, and Probability

Statistics, Histograms, and Probability In all likelihood you have computed an average, for example, the average of all your test scores in a course. To find your average, you add your scores and divide by the number of tests. The mathematical term for this average is the mean. On the other hand, the median is the value in…

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Probability, Statistics, and Interpolation

OUTLINE 7.1 Statistics. Histograms. and Probability 7.2 The Normal Distribution 7.3 Random Number Generation 7.4 Interpolation 7.5 Summary Problems This chapter is unlike the first six chapters in thatit covers relatively few MATLAB functions. These functions are easy to use and have widespread and important uses in statistics and data analysis; however. their proper application requires informed judgment…

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