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Multidimensional Arrays

2.2 Multidimensional Arrays MATLAB supports multidimensional arrays. Here we present just some of the MATLAB capabilities for such arrays; to obtain more information, type help data types. A three-dimensional array has the dimension m x 11 x q.   four- dimensional array has the dimension m x n x q x r , and so forth. The first two…

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Arrays We can represent the location of a point in three-dimensional space by three ” Cartesian coordinates .r, y, and z. As shown in Figure 2.1-1, these three coordinates specify the vector p. (In mathematical text we often use boldface type to indicate vectors.) The set of unit vectors i,j, k, whose lengths are 1 and whose directions coincide…

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Numeric Cell And Structure Arrays

OUTLINE 2.1 Arrays 2.2 Multidimensional Arrays- 2.3 Element-by-Element Operations 2.4 Matrix Operations 2.5 Polynomial Operations Using Arrays 2.6 Cell Arrays 2.7 Structure Arrays 2.8 Summary Problems The MATLAB sessions used scalar arithmetic to acquaint you with the MATLAB Command window, its Figure window, and a text editor window. In this we begin to explore MATLAB commands in…

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