Binary Frequency Shifting Key (B.F.S.K) Homework Help

According to the above-mentioned modulation categories, frequency shifting key is a digital type modulation technique or in simple words, it is a type of digital modulation.

As the name shows, the frequency of the signal changes according to the change in signal or communication terms, carrier signal frequency changes with respect to the change in digital signal. Frequency modulation subpart is frequency shifting key. As we know that, this is a modulation technique, therefore, it has a modulator and demodulator available.

Frequency shifting key modulator is easy to implement while for the demodulation of frequency shifting key there are two methods for the demodulator, one method for detection is known as synchronous detector and the other methods is known as asynchronous detector.

Binary frequency shifting key (B.F.S.K) is the subset of frequency shifting key or sometimes frequency shifting key is also known as binary frequency shifting key. By comparing with other types of modulation technique this technique or method is fairly simple, efficient, and effective. This technique or method of digital modulation is also a low-performance method or technique.

Binary frequency shifting key (B.F.S.K) is the most easy to understand and established because the name binary completely describe the system. The input signal of the binary frequency shifting key (B.F.S.K) has only two values which are 0 and 1. Similar to the conservative frequency modulation binary frequency shifting key (B.F.S.K) is a constant type envelope form of modulation based on angle except that the modulated signal lies between the two distinct values or levels or voltage levels and these two values are 0 and 1 rather than changing values continuously similar to the sine or cosine wave.

This makes this technique the most common or most used technique of the frequency shifting key. In binary frequency shifting key (B.F.S.K), the main frequency or carrier frequency or center frequency is shifted by the signal or in simple words with a binary signal.

Same as the input, in the frequency domain, the output or result is a step function of frequency shifting key (F.S.K) modulator. In this modulator, the value 1 which is high is also known as mark and the value 0 is also known as space. Similar to the input, the output of this technique or method is also varies between two frequencies which was based on the Input.

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