Basis of MATLAB Homework Help

There are many MATLAB advantages available all around the world. The main basis or the basic of MATLAB are listed below:

a)Development of Algorithms:

A simple definition of Algorithm is, it is a sequence or workflow of instructions or command used to perform a computation or for solving a problem. There are many algorithms available for searching, recursion or sorting. 

MATLAB is a 4th generation programming language or advance language from other languages. There are several MATLAB advantages in daily life and technology and from those advantages, the best advantage of MATLAB is the Algorithm development, therefore MATLAB allows the user to perform or try or test different algorithms. MATLAB shows the result or comprehensive results instantaneously so the user can modify the algorithm or code easily or can try a different approach for getting the answer according to its need or requirement.

b)Numeric Calculation:

There are many applications of numeric computation are available almost in all fields especially in engineering and physics. Therefore, MATLAB is the best tool available for solving a wide range of computation from a simple addition or subtraction to complex mathematics which involves partial derivative because it provides a great number of functions for computation which include cos, sine, diff, and so on. In numerical computation or analysis, precision is not highly required but approximation is, because if the approximation fails then there is no need for precision the best example of this or numeric computation is available in Astronomy.

Linear Algebra is one of the most important topics of numeric computation and there are several applications available. In MATLAB, a user can easily implement or solve the linear algebra. By using MATLAB we can:

  1. Predict the company’s turnover amount.
  2. Can easily make the financial plan of the company.
  3. User can find out the number of items required in inventory.

c)Data Conception and Examination:

In engineering and other fields, Data is the most important item because without the correct or accurate data a process cannot be done correctly or precisely. With the help of data, we can predict or study or examine the model’s behavior or we can predict the companies’ turnover.

MATLAB is the best tool for data computation, visualization, and analysis because MATLAB provides large or numerous types of data sets. In MATLAB, user can perform visualization and analysis of data in sections. The best part of MATLAB is, a user can simultaneously access the data in MATLAB from different files. For big data visualization and analysis, experts and researchers from all around the world prefer MATLAB because analysis and visualization in MATLAB is effective and efficient.

Advantages/Application of MATLAB

The above headings are the basis of MATLAB and they are also the basis of many applications that are based on MATLAB in many fields which include engineering, biomedical, and, astronomy. From all those applications some of them are listed below:

1.Forecasting of Economy:

For planning, forecasting is the most important factor. It’s a process or method which requires current and previous data or sometimes its required trends for future prediction or estimation.

There are numerous methods for estimations or predictions or in simple words for forecasting and from all those methods the main or most efficient and effective methods are listed below:

Forecasting methods are categorized in numerous forms or methods and from those categorizes the main or most efficient and effective are listed below:

  • Naïve approach
  • Average approach
  • Drift method
  • Seasonal naïve approach
  • Quantitative or qualitative method

Many fields required forecasting or forecasting in the key factor in all these fields because they required high precision or approximation and if the forecasting result is not properly approximated than they can face a huge loss (Financial or physical loss). From all those field some of them are listed below:

  • Prediction of Earthquake
  • Forecasting of Economy
  • Forecasting of Production
  • Forecasting of Sales

For different kinds of forecasting MATLAB provides a TOOLBOX which is known as “Econometric Toolbox”. The function of this toolbox is to provide a wide range of functions or models for future predictions or approximations (Forecasting). 

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