Advantages of Modulation Homework Help

There are many advantages of modulations available around the telecommunication industry and from those advantages, some of them are given below:

  • The main advantage of modulation is that with the help of modulation technique we can easily increase or decrease the range or serving area or coverage area of the communication system or signals.
  • With the help of the modulation, we can set the band limits example X communication band is 250 – 300 MHz and for Y it’s 300 – 350 MHz so that we can easily add and subtract various communication supplier.
  • With the help of the modulation, we can easily add a very small gap so that signal mixing is impossible.
  • With the help of the modulation, we can easily use the multiplexing for the signals.
  • By applying modulation and demodulation technique on the transmitter system and on the receiver system we can control the signal to noise ratio (S.N.R) and we can also increase the quality of the transmitting and receiving signals.
  • As we know that with the help of the modulation we can increase or decrease the signal strength for serving area similarly we can also increase or decrease the height of the antenna because the greater the height of the antenna the better the coverage of the signal and the greater the area it can easily serve.

Modulation and demodulation method or technique of the signal is the key or backbone of the communication industry without this we cannot transmit signals easily.

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